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Our Journey...

 For many years our 450-acre ranch has been the home to Black Angus cattle and Suffolk/Hampshire cross sheep. Always with a strong focus on the meat industry.  After taking a sabbatical from raising sheep for a few years, a close friend “gifted” us with two Icelandic lambs. The fiber bug hit and we fell in love! Our journey has consisted of many trips across the country looking at mills, and shadowing very gracious mill owners.  Finally, after much research, we decided to dive in and expand our agricultural operation to incorporate a mill of our own. 


We considered many options for housing the mill. We actually started building a steel shed to house the equipment, but it just didn’t feel quite right.  We have been continually drawn back to the importance of preserving our heritage. For us, that meant refurbishing and restoring the 1918 barn that already exists on the ranch.  It has been a long process of restoration and remodeling, but we are so excited that the new mill equipment is now housed in our old dairy barn. The restoration is still in process but we are thrilled to show it off to anyone interested in looking.


Most people buy a convertible when they hit “middle age”, we bought a wool mill.


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