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Wash & Pick


Wool Batts



Core Spun

 Wash consists of one or two presoaks, two washes with an environmentally friendly biodegradable soap, and two to three rinses. 

The carder is a 32 inch carder which  is great for making batts for quilting, felting, and many other creative projects.

Our standard wool batt is eight ounces. Please let us know if you prefer something different. 

 Roving is put into bumps for easy storage unless otherwise specified by customer. If fleece is extra short or super fine and can not be put onto a bump it will be returned in a bag. 

The needle felting table is 60 inches wide. Felt can be made up to approximately 55 inches wide and any length depending on your creative needs. Pricing -$14/pound-based on incoming weight- is for batts pulled right off the carder. This price includes ten passes through the needle felting machine. If you need felt that is longer or wider than the width of the carder we will bid as a custom job. Call for more information. 

We are excited about the endless possibilities with the core spun yarn! Currently we are using a cotton core. If you are interested in a different core, we are happy to discuss the options to make your projects exactly what you want. 

Pin Draft

Pin draft fee is based on two trips through the pin drafter.  


Our spinning machine will spin fibers from 3.5 to 11 inches.  Yarns can be returned to you on cones or in skeins. Let us know your preference at drop off.  If you have a specific yarn you are trying to mimic, we LOVE samples!

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